Terms and Conditions


Applications for the let of the Hall should be made on the official application form (available from the Village Shop or on the this website).


The standard charges for the Hall are available from the Bookings Officer or the Hall website and are subject to review.

We reserve the right to levy a power surcharge for instances when lights are left on after usage and for persistent breach of this rule.

Persons, other than local, hiring the Hall shall pay rent in advance. Otherwise the rent shall be paid on the night the Hall is used.


The standard charges cover the provision of heating, normal lighting and normal cleaning in connection with each Hall let.

Additional charges will be levied if Hall facilities are not left clean and in good order, especially the kitchen/catering facilities.

The normal opening hours of the Hall are from 0830 until 2300. Unless prior permission has been obtained from the

Committee, the Hall must close at a time to comply with any bylaws for regulating theatres, music halls and public dancing which will normally be no later than 0030 for dance functions.

If the Hall let is to go beyond normal Hall opening hours, specific permission will need to be obtained from the Committee.


Provisional bookings must be confirmed seven days before the time specified on the application form.

In the event of cancellation by the lessee either the full payment or a percentage of the rent may be required.

The Committee reserves the right to cancel any booking without the need to pay any compensation for such cancellation, either if it believes that the rules and conditions are not likely to be adhered to or if the Hall is required for some other purpose.


There is a strict no smoking policy within the Village Hall.

The capacity of the Hall is 120 and must not be exceeded.

Each applicant of the Hall let will be responsible for payment of the charges of the let or any of its facilities.

Each applicant will also be responsible for making good to the Committee’s satisfaction any damage caused to the Hall or to the fixture and fittings or any property lost as a result of the let.

Please report any damage immediately to the Bookings Officer.

Organisers of an event will be responsible for acquainting themselves with the license regulations and conditions relevant to the event being held.

Organisers of an event will also be responsible for acquainting themselves with the position of fire points, emergency exits, lighting switches, first aid facilities and the nearest telephone and for communicating the emergency arrangements prior to the function/let commencing.

In addition regular Users should carry out emergency evacuations and fire drills at intervals, which they consider appropriate, but should be at least once per term.

All windows and exits require to be checked to ensure they are secure at the end of each let.

Heating to be adhered to as per attached heating sheet instructions and please ensure that all lights are switched off, particularly in the toilets.

Organisers of an event will be responsible for leaving the Hall in a clean and tidy condition after the event is concluded.

Please leave the Hall as you would wish to find it.

Organisers of an event will be responsible for checking and ensuring persons under the age of 18 years do not bring or consume alcohol in or around the vicinity of the Village Hall.

Organisers of private parties and celebrations are required to have one adult supervisor per 10 children under the age of 18 years of age.

No skateboards, wheelies, scooters or rollerblades are permitted in or around the Hall including the car park.

Organisers of an event will be responsible for noise levels and disturbance to local residents adjacent to the Village Hall.

Keys to be returned to the Booking Officer at end of an event and also at the end of any block booking.

The Committee will not be responsible for any damage, injury or loss of goods or property brought into or left at the Hall by the lessee or persons attending the event.


The Committee will be entitled at all times to free access to any part of the Hall.


No furnishings or equipment will be hired out or loaned from the building without prior agreement or arrangement with the Committee.

If kitchen facilities are to be used all foodstuffs should be stored in vermin-proof containers and utensils, crockery etc… should be left clean and tidy.

Organisers of an event should ensure that all waste or discarded materials are removed and disposed of appropriately at the end of an event by disposing of bin bags in the appropriate Hall owned wheelie bins in the car park. Clean black bin liners should be placed into the kitchen bins for the next User.


If it is intended to sell or dispense alcoholic drink during an event, the written consent of the Committee must be obtained before a special license can be applied for, although organisers of an event should make their own licensing arrangements. Locations and arrangements for bars should be discussed with and to the satisfaction of the Committee.

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